As someone who puts an artist's touch into everything I do, I start my day by meticulously measuring out 18 grams of coffee beans – the exact amount needed to extract the perfect 36-gram shot of espresso from my espresso machine. With a homemade blueberry cold foam adorning my iced latte, I take one sip and let the intense flavors dance on my tongue before quickly finishing the rest of the drink in under a minute. But don't be fooled by my speedy consumption – I'm all about crafting experiences with care and creativity. If I pour this much effort into my morning latte, imagine the artistry I bring to the table in all aspects of my life.
Ben Conway is currently a set decoration intern at Walt Disney Imagineering. When he is not working productions, he's traveling, stuffing his face with food, and spending time with family and pets
Due to the confidentiality of my work, please message me to access my full/secure portfolio. 
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